Sunday Blues



Dress: TJ Maxx / Shoes: Dolce

Dress: TJ Maxx / Shoes: Dolce


Happy Sunday! I finally have the time for a postpartum look. It’s been about six weeks since I gave birth and I’ve lost forty-five of the sixty-six pounds I gained in pregnancy. I have not exercised yet so I guess I’m doing pretty good so far. To be honest I was hoping to lose the entire amount in two months but I am pretty sure that won’t happen since I only have two weeks left. Regardless, I am comfortable with my new and changing body and I only have two more days until I can begin working out!

I purchased this dress while pregnant but never wore it due to the weather and ironically it rained today, figures! I am just glad that the temperature took an unfavorable turn after I spent the morning at church and brunch with friends. I know I have said it before but dresses are my favorite and definitely my “go to” choice. Wearing a dress is just effortless and time effective. I cannot express enough how much easier it is as a mommy of two to get dressed quickly. Besides the fact that dresses are a saving grace for time they are also great for their diversity in styles. The shift dress like the one I am wearing is perfect for hiding the awkward post baby weight around your midsection. For once, I wasn’t self-conscious about that!

Have a wonderful week everyone,




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