Flash Back Friday



Happy Friday! I wanted to start by thanking those of you who have sent the sweetest emails congratulating me on our newest edition, thank you! Your prayers, support, and encouragement have been heart warming. 

I also wanted to say thank you to those that have emailed requesting styled looks of the awkward post baby weight stage. They are coming soon! I appreciate your enthusiasm as it keeps me motivated and excited. 

In the mean time I decided to repost pictures from one of my first blog posts! What better day than on #flashbackfriday, right? This dress and me at this body weight is my motivation. I chose not to look at celebrities or other fit mothers for goals, instead I looked to myself and what I know my body can already do! I suggest this for every mommy out there, be your own inspiration! 

This is definitely a Spring/Summer look and that isn’t exactly weather permitting, huh? Ok maybe for all my Floridians it is but for me? Not so much. However, Spring is the realistic time I’ve set for myself to get back into pre-pregnancy shape as seen in the photos. Wish me luck! 




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