Mini Me Monday in PJs








Pajamas: Target


Happy Monday! This is probably one of the best Mondays of the year for everyone. I say this because it is so close to Christmas and that usually means that the work week is shortened, I hope. Today is definitely a good Monday for me due to the fact that it is prayerfully my LAST day on bed rest. As of tomorrow I will hopefully be taken of the meds and be able to get out! I have spent the last two and half weeks confined to the comfort of my bed or couch. The most challenging part of this ordeal has been taking care of my baby girl, Lyianna. I have missed running around and being more hands on with her especially knowing these are our last few weeks with just her. However, my sweet girl sure has helped me make the most of it. She has turned boring bed rest into giggle filled pajama parties! We pretty much live in this matching set of ours. Although I couldn’t convince my husband to join in on the matching of pajamas Lyianna found one for baby. These matching pajamas are part of a family Christmas set that is still available here.

Happy Holidays,



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