Wrapped up Blessings

Tree, Ornaments & Gift tags: Target / Wrapping paper & Tree skirt: Marshalls


Happy Holidays! I am ecstatic that we are so close to a day full of love and blessings. It is so much fun to bless others but especially my little family! We have a yearly tradition to venture out in the wee hours of the morning and brave the crazy crowds of Black Friday. We continue on into the weekend and make all of our Christmas purchases. This year that was not the case. We didn’t make it past Black Friday because pre term labor happened. The next thing you know I was stuck at home. From shopping online to decorating the tree to wrapping our gifts we have done everything at the last-minute! As I am writing this we are still praying and hoping a few online orders arrive by Christmas Eve ….yikes! Despite our tardiness Christmas morning will be a success since we have what matters most, each other and the gift of Jesus.

The day after Christmas we decide on the next year’s theme. We then go and spend a few days shopping all the marked down Christmas decor and items. We have saved so much money this way. Last year we decided on a white and gold theme. We hunted down our white tree and then the gold accents ranging from ornaments to wrapping paper. Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite thing to do during the holidays. I find that Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and Home Goods have the most stylish wrapping paper and this paper is the best yet. Oh, did I mention that each roll only cost 50 cents on clearance? You are welcome.

Enjoy shopping and decorating!


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