In bed with PINK





Sweater: PINK / Maternity Leggings: Target

Sweater: PINK / Maternity Leggings: Target

So I thought today would be the day that I would be set free from this pre-term labor/ bed rest situation and I was wrong. I have to go a few more days on the meds and in bed. I can do this! I have already come so far and baby is doing well. Me? Well I definitely have had my crazy, scary and painful moments. Overall, I have maintained a positive attitude and take it one deep breadth at a time. Staying in pajamas all day, laughing at my husbands constant teasing of my belly size, eating ice, Netflix, and reading has helped me through the hours I am awake. My favorite Netflix binge has been NCIS. Movies? I must proudly say that I have for the first time begun watching the Star Wars movies. I should be ready in time for the new movie and my husband can sit confidently next to me, yay!

Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising has been my favorite read besides the Bible. It is the second time I have read it and this time has had more meaning then the first. In fact, you all should read this book, it is so empowering and can actually be purchased for half off here. It would make a great Christmas gift for the special women in your life.

Christmas couldn’t come any sooner but at the same time I hope the next week goes by slowly because I am starting to enjoy the spirit of the season, even if I am in pajamas and bed all day long. Oh and this sweatshirt by PINK (similar here) has been my favorite. It is actually an oversized style not maternity but worked for me well into my 9th month of pregnancy. So if you want to save a little money try the oversized styles of clothing you can wear before pregnancy because they can very well work during pregnancy!

Happy Holidays,


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